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Fan Mail #1

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Hey everyone, lately I’ve been getting plenty of e-mails, but most of those are people either asking me to review albums/shows or sometimes even asking me to help book a show! But I also get the occasional bit of fan mail, telling me Read the rest of this entry


Review: Calm Paradox – How to Mind

Most girls, when they pick up an acoustic guitar, are content to either imitate Taylor Swift or Ingrid Michaelson. They don’t sing with their real voice, opting instead to imitate the pronunciations and inflections of a favorite singer. With every newcomer, I see more and more homogeny. Read the rest of this entry

Reviews: Matt Weidauer, The Brocks, and Provo’s bustling music scene

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Last night in Provo, there were four different concerts happening within a very small radius. I found myself wandering around, seeing all the sites and running into friend after friend. At Muse Music, patrons were treated Read the rest of this entry

Glowing Heads, the Howitzers, Colleen Green, and Meth House Party Band @ the Compound (March 12, 2011)

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This was the first Compound show I’ve been to in a while, and it was the best show I have ever been to in my life. I used to go when my friends’ hardcore band played there, but since they split up I haven’t been. After Saturday’s show, I’ll do my best to never miss another one.  Read the rest of this entry

Review: Cody Taylor’s Debut Album

Hey you kids, follow @Provo_Music on Twitterto get all my fast updates, first impressions, and snarky comments (mostly the latter)!Cody Taylor has finally finished his self-titled debut album. He has been performing in and around Provo for quite some time, perfecting his sound and working on the album. Read the rest of this entry

News et cetera

I am currently making somewhat futile attempts to create a logo for Provo Music. This is where I currently am: Read the rest of this entry

Review: Ferocious Oaks – Polyamory EP

I have been jonesing to get my hands on Ferocious Oaks‘ Polyamory EP and was finally able to last night. The band released the EP headlining Velour a week ago, to much success. They are relatively new but have been quickly growing in success thanks to their energetic and unpredictable live shows. (They are also the only band in town brave enough to Read the rest of this entry

The Howitzers and Crab Scratch Ecstasy at Muse Music – 2/18/2011

How are you doing fellow music lovers? I know I have not updated in quite awhile, but schoolwork and all that have made me a busy bee, missing a number of local shows. But I am not one to so quickly abandon my post, so I am back with another fine entry. Read the rest of this entry

The Deathstar: Making Noise ‘Twixt Velour & Muse

You can still read the sign that says “LEGION” on the empty building between Velour and Muse. It is the ghost of a failed skate shop, sitting empty for years. The floors are stripped and dirty. The walls are covered in graffiti. And if you want to use the bathroom, I suggest you Read the rest of this entry

Toy Bombs, Shark Speed, Eyes Lips Eyes, and Seve Vs Evan @ Velour

“I’m afraid we’re going to die. I’m afraid we’re going to die. But that’s okay ’cause we’re so pretty.”

This blog generally focuses on the less known bands around town – the ones that people don’t talk about. Unfortunately for those losers (just kidding I am one of them), I’m going to talk about some popular bands because that’s the kind of show I went to tonight. Read the rest of this entry