The Provo Scene

Provo, Utah is known for Brigham Young University, Missionaries, and the Osmonds. There’s beautiful scenery, low-crime, and plenty of extremely sober college students. With a population just over 110,000, it’s not Utah’s biggest city, so it often goes unnoticed in the rest of the world. But if you take in the surrounding cities, there are several hundred thousand people all living side by side. Something is bound to happen when that many people come together, especially when so many of them are college students.

Lately, Provo has been in the news, and I’m not referring to Jimmer Fredette’s illustrious basketball career. No, the music scene here has been steadily gaining attention over the past year. Neon Trees are becoming pop icons, with songs featured in Kidz Bop and Glee, and frontman Tyler Glenn has spared no energy in telling the press about his band’s hometown. Joshua James is one of the most popular folk acts in the country. Fictionist are in the running to be on the cover of Rolling Stone. Parlor Hawk was on iTunes’ 2010 Indie Spotlight. And BYU violinist Lindsey Stirling was in the America’s Got Talent finals last season. Those of us who live here know everything that this city is capable of producing. As the most conservative city with a population over 100,000 in the United States, there is bound to be a reactionary art scene.

But Provo’s music scene is so much more than the few well-known acts! There’s a bustling, growing community of artists, musicians, business owners, and fans who have been working for years to create a city worth living in. With places like Velour and Muse Music and new venues opening up every year, young people throughout the county are able to form bands and perform for their peers. Music is a large part of LDS upbringing, so many of us took piano lessons and learned the basics of music at an early age. Now, Provo is home to bands who play every sort of music from Rock to Folk to Electronic to Pop, all of it with a western Indie flair. With the high number of bands and venues, every weekend in Provo is its own giant music festival, as long as you know where to go.

We hope that, with this site, Utah county’s citizens and strangers alike become aware of all the hidden wonders of Provo Music.

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