Zines and Blogs

An online magazine based out of Provo that covers local music, entertainment, politics, and everything else.

21st & Ivy
A guide for Provo’s hipsters written by Provo’s hipsters.

City Weekly
Salt Lake’s premiere paper for everything hip.

SLUG Magazine
Salt Lake Underground. In Utah, but not of Utah.

alex POW
Alex’s blog. She writes reviews for us.

Steely Mike
Occasionally updated reviews of Provo’s most popular bands.

LocalMotion Music
More reviews of the Provo scene by Elisabeth. She gets the big things we miss.

How to Provo
THE best blog about life in Provo written for those of us who don’t quite fit in.

BYU Style
The perfect fashion site for zoobies.

C. Jane’s Guide to Provo
A well-known blog about things in Provo which often talks of local music.

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