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Review: The Moth & the Flame’s self-titled debut

“Don’t you want to go home? Don’t you want to feel loved again?” – from “Goodbye”

It’s difficult, if not downright impossible, for me to review a local group without considering their part in the grand scheme of the Provo music scene. Every style, band, and member of this community is linked together, from Baby Ghosts to J.Wride. In my poor attempts to imitate proper review sites, helmed by proper writers who studied journalism in college hoping to imitate Clark Kent, I occasionally look at the bigger picture. Read the rest of this entry

Get Amped for Apt!

“Apt is the New Nervous” is the debut single by Apt. If you don’t know who Apt is then you don’t know anything about the Provo Music Scene. Read the rest of this entry

Review: Eidola EP – An example of intelligent rock & roll

Over a year ago, I had just returned from a semester-long study abroad in Paris when close friend and double-bandmate Archie Crisanto informed me that the Travelling Salesmen would be playing in Muse’s Battle of the Bands. I grabbed my guitar and played my first show in four long months. One of the other bands that night, Follow the Earth, made quite an impression on me. They were a Prog Rock band with songs that never quite seemed to end, but the soundscapes they made were a treat to listen to and the light show was the best I’d ever seen from a local band. Read the rest of this entry

Review: The Whits – Heartbreak Marathon EP

“Girl’s got soul!”

This comment on The Whits‘ newest YouTube video says it all. Lead singer and songwriter Amy Whitcomb has the most amazing voice I have ever heard, and as a music fan, I’ve heard many voices. I was hooked on this band when I first heard them play at the Invitational Songwriters Showcase at BYU this year, and have been following them ever since. Read the rest of this entry

Review: The Neighbors EP

The Neighbors have a weird place in the Provo music scene. They’re a brother/sister duo that plays indie pop, and when I say “pop”, I mean radio pop from 1999. Adam and Rachel Kaiser are two extremely talented multi-instrumentalists who can write songs and put on a good show. They’re a modern Donnie & Marie or an American Sandy & Junior. Read the rest of this entry

Review: The Lunatic – Milk

“We’re caught in orbit on the bluest planet I’ll ever see. I’d love to hold it, but the weather here is too much for me.”  Read the rest of this entry

Review: Emily Brown – This Goes With Us

In less than half an hour, Emily Brown takes you on a trip from a sweet, sugary optimism to a blatant exposure of your insecurities, and yet leaves you feeling all the better for it.

Drew Danburry opens a barbershop, gets albums reviewed here

Have you guys seen The Angel Murkurker videos? They’re a trio of local comedians who release a new video every Monday. Please subscribe to their channel and help support local comedy. But this entry is about Provo legend Drew Danburry. Read the rest of this entry

Review: Pablo Blaqk – Sons & Daughters

I made a list of bands in Provo, currently at 115, and over 40 of those play some variation of acoustic indie folk. The reason that this sort of music is so prevalent in Provo is that many wish to imitate those who play it well. Read the rest of this entry

Review: Calm Paradox – How to Mind

Most girls, when they pick up an acoustic guitar, are content to either imitate Taylor Swift or Ingrid Michaelson. They don’t sing with their real voice, opting instead to imitate the pronunciations and inflections of a favorite singer. With every newcomer, I see more and more homogeny. Read the rest of this entry