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Throwback! “Hardcore: An Expression of Emotion or the Newest Trend?”

Back in April 2003, I wrote an article for the local zine (the long defunct Oi! Zanesburg about my distaste for the post-hardcore/screamo/emo/metalcore/thrash music that was so abundant at the time. I can’t tell you what was happening in Provo at the time, but I sure remember crystal clear the happenings of Zanesville, OH circa 2003. Read the rest of this entry

Phaya: Song For Japan

If you’ve been to a dance party in Utah County or Salt Lake County you’ve probably seen a stylish Haitian on a stage telling people to drop it low, put their hands in the air, or get up! You probably know his name and even know how to spell it, P H A Y A. Read the rest of this entry

DJ Battle at Muse Music

Most people aren’t aware of the huge Hip Hop scene found in Provo. When people think of “Provo Music” the thoughts that come to mind are a handful of indie rock bands, acoustic guitar players, and the occasional success stories. Read the rest of this entry

On Critique and Unity

If I liked every local band, I would not have this site. Hell, if I liked every local band, I would have bad taste in music. And yet lately I find that it’s a huge waste of time to actively hate a group because it doesn’t fit my criteria for “good music”. Yes, it can be incredibly grating to see everyone fawning over Read the rest of this entry

Great Local Food Joints

This is a music blog, but I would like to take some time out to discuss some places in Provo that have been doing a lot to support culture in Provo. Read the rest of this entry

Fan Mail #1

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Hey everyone, lately I’ve been getting plenty of e-mails, but most of those are people either asking me to review albums/shows or sometimes even asking me to help book a show! But I also get the occasional bit of fan mail, telling me Read the rest of this entry

Reviews: Matt Weidauer, The Brocks, and Provo’s bustling music scene

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Last night in Provo, there were four different concerts happening within a very small radius. I found myself wandering around, seeing all the sites and running into friend after friend. At Muse Music, patrons were treated Read the rest of this entry

Q&A: A Letter from Anonymous

I received an e-mail from an anonymous girl yesterday, with many questions about for me. I will post the e-mail, but with any responses/comments by me added in italics. Pay attention to that, otherwise the following will be confusing. Please read both parts. The italics don’t mean “skip this”. Read the rest of this entry

Egos and Sellouts

Steven Foster is our guest writer today. Check out what he has to say!

What the hell happened to playing music for the sake of playing music?

Seriously you all know what I am talking about!!!
Now to be honest, I am usually a fan of sticking it to people. I dream of a world where we can purchase guns, knives and medieval weapons at a drive through window and use them all by the time Read the rest of this entry

Velour’s Battle and This Weekend

So, thanks to the hours of work I put into my final projects last week, I was not able to make it to nights 4 and 5 of Velour’s Battle of the Bands. And due to a performance on BYU campus Saturday night, I missed most of the finals. But I’ll review what I know.

Holy Water Buffalo won the Battle. I missed most of their performance this time around, but I did have to opportunity to see them Read the rest of this entry