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The Revolution Sessions

The Crate Dwellers are made up of 6 turntablist djs: Soulkutts, Abstrak, SkratchMo, Chuonwax, Electronic Battleship, and 7even8ight9ine. They have over 10 years of experience djing: Hip Hop Shows, Bboy Jams, Concerts, and Exclusive Showcases. They’ve done shows with Gift of Gab, Bone Thugs & Harmony, and International Bboys. They’re respected all over Utah and are seen as the best turntablist djs in the state.-Urban Media

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Phaya: Song For Japan

If you’ve been to a dance party in Utah County or Salt Lake County you’ve probably seen a stylish Haitian on a stage telling people to drop it low, put their hands in the air, or get up! You probably know his name and even know how to spell it, P H A Y A. Read the rest of this entry

What does summer have in store for Provo music?

Now that the sun has finally decided to come out and grace us with its mighty presence and many college students have gone back to California/Arizona/Idaho to hibernate for the summer, it’s time for us here in Utah County to enjoy the most pleasurable months the area has to offer. There’s hiking, biking, “beaches” (but please don’t swim in Utah Lake for your own sake), and less traffic. There’s even a new Read the rest of this entry

The Music Lounge’s Launch at Velour

I write this from inside Velour, having just eaten a couple slices of Slab pizza. Tonight is the premiere of The Music Lounge, and I don’t know what that is yet. After brief introductions from Velour’s Kaneisha Johnson and someone from Lime (one of tonight’s sponsers), we are going to soon find out what this actually is. There are less than 30 people here, but local artists like McKay Stevens, Ryan Innes, and the Moth & the Flame are in attendance. Read the rest of this entry

DJ Battle at Muse Music

Most people aren’t aware of the huge Hip Hop scene found in Provo. When people think of “Provo Music” the thoughts that come to mind are a handful of indie rock bands, acoustic guitar players, and the occasional success stories. Read the rest of this entry

Urban Arts Festival 2011

Editor’s Note: This is our 50th post!

This Saturday, May 21, 2011 history will be made in Salt Lake City as the first annual Urban Arts Festival is held at Pierpont Ave Between 300 West and 400 West. From 10AM-9PM the streets will be filled with artists, dancers, musicians, and businesses all representing urban culture to the fullest! Read the rest of this entry

Fictionist on the Roof

Fictionist played a show on a rooftop to the largest crowd I’ve ever seen outside Sugar Ray.

During the climax of their last song, they all floated away like balloons, drifting into the night sky until we could no longer see them. It was quite an exit.

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Read this post and respond to it.

As I sit in my sister’s house in Salt Lake, listening to my family discuss the tragedies of the tornados in the south (my dad has been complaining nonstop that all the coverage of the royal wedding and Obama’s birth certificate is trivializing the large death toll in Alabama and its surrounding areas), I think to myself “my site hasn’t had much traffic the past few days, and that’s a shame, though it does seem rather pointless to worry about that with everything else this week, and also this is a very long sentence (so long, in fact, that this one sentence constitutes a whole paragraph).” Read the rest of this entry

Provo± Episode 0 is now online!

We have a brand new video that showcases the ever growing music scene here in Provo, and you may even see yourself in it! Read the rest of this entry


I would like to start off by saying that The Grove Theater, a new venue in Pleasant Grove located in a wonderful building with a very high capacity, is looking for bands to play there. Contact (Nate Baldwin) to play there! Read the rest of this entry