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The Revenge of Rock: Back Chat, Blue Aces, Don Juan, & Lindenfield at Velour

Don’t assume that I’ve gone and abandoned the site. How could I leave my poor readers in the dark like that? But between a new job, a new girlfriend, and the fact that the scene dies down quite a bit in the summer thanks to this being a college town and all, I just haven’t had much cause for an update. But summer is coming to a close, the scene is getting back in gear, and I’m itching to hear all your angry comments and e-mails every time I don’t give a band 100% praise! Read the rest of this entry

Joshua James, Brinton Jones, and the Occidental Saloon

Both Velour and Muse decided to have free events Monday night. Velour’s was a free screening of all the Occidental Saloon videos. And Northplatte Records teamed up with Muse to provide a free show of two of Provo’s biggest acts: Joshua James and Brinton Jones (The Devil Whale). With the promise of free events, large swaths of spectators flooded to 100 Block in Provo. And I was one of them. Read the rest of this entry

Hip Hop on 100 Block

100 Block needs an official website.

Chance Lewis and Apt did it again, bringing live Hip Hop to Provo at Muse Music Cafe. The variety and styles of the performers keeps the show interesting and full of energy. The shows that Lewis puts together gives new artist the opportunity to perform and get the experience, exposure, and audience they need to take their music to the next level, meaning out of the studio (living room, bedroom, and basement) and into a crowd of hungry hip hop heads. Read the rest of this entry

Provo’s Underground: Baby Ghosts, Bare Wires, and The Howitzers at the Compound

There’s not a whole lot to say about the Compound. I had been attending shows at Muse and Velour for a long time before I even knew it existed, and another few months passed before I was able to attend a show there. It’s a secret little place that you could walk past every day and never know about; such is the nature of the house venue. But once I started going to shows there, I knew that the heart of rock and roll, not just an echo of rock, but real damn dirty ROCK, was beating strong in Provo. Read the rest of this entry

Summer Battle at Velour: Episode VI: Three-part Harmony of the Jedi

Our finalists all came together last night for a show to be remembered. Swords were drawn, blood was slain spilt, and one rose victorious. Instead of reviewing all the bands a second time, I’ll give you some pictures instead. Read the rest of this entry

Summer Battle at Velour: Episode V: The Empire Something Whatever

Too tired to come up with a clever name. Here’s a hint for you future rockers out there: if your band plays fast, loud, rock for 30 minutes straight, either go running every day to build up stamina or drink a whole lot of caffeine before the show. I did neither last night, barely survived the set, and am now dead tired, still in bed as I write this. Nonetheless, a review I promised and a review you shall have. Read the rest of this entry

Summer Battle at Velour: Episode IV: A Blues Hope

We have now moved onto Night 4 of our Velour Wars sextology (which is, in fact, not a word). Be sure to read parts one, two, and three if you haven’t already. I’ve had a great time seeing so many talented groups this week and last night was no exception. Thursday’s crowds were the smallest so far, but that didn’t stop any of the bands from putting on the best show they could. Read the rest of this entry

Summer Battle at Velour: Episode III: Revenge of the Synth

(Thanks to Landon Young of Dream Eater/The Crylics for coming up with today’s title.)

Yesterday was our busiest day yet here at Provo Music Guide, and I’d just like to thank all of you who post these silly little reviews on Facebook, because that’s where the traffic comes from. So keep on sharing!

And as long as people are reading the site now, I’d like to point you all towards The Music Lounge, a new site dedicated to advancing the Provo music scene. You can read more about it in this article. Read the rest of this entry

Summer Battle at Velour: Episode II: Muzak of the Clones

Tonight’s Battle of the Bands did not sport the legions of people that came to see their friends last night, but there was still a good crowd, especially for a Tuesday. I don’t feel like philosophizing tonight so let’s get right into the meat of the article:

Proving Ground started us off with a set of pure, down home polka music. Read the rest of this entry

Summer Battle at Velour: Episode I: The Folktom Menace

Velour’s Summer 2011 Battle of the Bands has kicked into high gear with an impressive first night. The crowds were heavy that day, my friends, as large swaths of fans came to support their friends. It gave the rest of us playing this week a standard to live up to.

Read the rest of this entry