The Authors

Lewis Barker is not a writer, but still started the Provo Music Guide in November 2010, initially as a blog, in hopes of opening up more music discussion and exposing people to bands they might otherwise miss. Lewis is a Studio Arts Major and Music Minor at BYU. He currently plays guitar and sings in the band Wild Apples and has been a frequent band member of Archie Crisanto & the Travelling Salesmen. Alex Powelson, unlike Mr. Barker, is a writer. She runs her own blog which primarily focuses on local music. Alex is a Print Journalism Major at BYU, and her fiancé is the frontman of local band, the Crylics, giving Alex a unique perspective into the local music scene.
Elisabeth Kaseda has been making music for longer than she can remember, and is continuing the tradition by studying music at BYU. She recently realized how much she enjoys sharing and writing about music, leading her to start a blog. You can usually find her conducting the music in her head, harmonizing with any melody she happens to hear, or cheering loudly at a local music event.  Want to be an author too? Well you can! We’re always looking for more people to contribute to Provo Music Guide and we’d love to post your article! Just submit it to and we’ll get right back to you!
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