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The Revolution Sessions

The Crate Dwellers are made up of 6 turntablist djs: Soulkutts, Abstrak, SkratchMo, Chuonwax, Electronic Battleship, and 7even8ight9ine. They have over 10 years of experience djing: Hip Hop Shows, Bboy Jams, Concerts, and Exclusive Showcases. They’ve done shows with Gift of Gab, Bone Thugs & Harmony, and International Bboys. They’re respected all over Utah and are seen as the best turntablist djs in the state.-Urban Media

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The Revenge of Rock: Back Chat, Blue Aces, Don Juan, & Lindenfield at Velour

Don’t assume that I’ve gone and abandoned the site. How could I leave my poor readers in the dark like that? But between a new job, a new girlfriend, and the fact that the scene dies down quite a bit in the summer thanks to this being a college town and all, I just haven’t had much cause for an update. But summer is coming to a close, the scene is getting back in gear, and I’m itching to hear all your angry comments and e-mails every time I don’t give a band 100% praise! Read the rest of this entry