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Review: Eidola EP – An example of intelligent rock & roll

Over a year ago, I had just returned from a semester-long study abroad in Paris when close friend and double-bandmate Archie Crisanto informed me that the Travelling Salesmen would be playing in Muse’s Battle of the Bands. I grabbed my guitar and played my first show in four long months. One of the other bands that night, Follow the Earth, made quite an impression on me. They were a Prog Rock band with songs that never quite seemed to end, but the soundscapes they made were a treat to listen to and the light show was the best I’d ever seen from a local band. Read the rest of this entry

Urban Arts Festival 2011

Editor’s Note: This is our 50th post!

This Saturday, May 21, 2011 history will be made in Salt Lake City as the first annual Urban Arts Festival is held at Pierpont Ave Between 300 West and 400 West. From 10AM-9PM the streets will be filled with artists, dancers, musicians, and businesses all representing urban culture to the fullest! Read the rest of this entry

UVU Battle of the Bands: Photos & Impressions

This is a guest post from Urban Media‘s Ashley Hutchison. Check out Urban Media Show for coverage of Utah’s Hip-Hop scene!

The UVU Battle of the Bands was an exciting event that drew a very good crowd of people to listen to bands battle it out to see who the ultimate band was. There was free popcorn, cotton candy, tee-shirt making, and live music!! Read the rest of this entry

Review: The Whits – Heartbreak Marathon EP

“Girl’s got soul!”

This comment on The Whits‘ newest YouTube video says it all. Lead singer and songwriter Amy Whitcomb has the most amazing voice I have ever heard, and as a music fan, I’ve heard many voices. I was hooked on this band when I first heard them play at the Invitational Songwriters Showcase at BYU this year, and have been following them ever since. Read the rest of this entry

Zoobfest: The Vibrant Sound, J.Wride, and NightNight in the courtyard

Provo Town Square’s courtyard had some awful free hot dogs but much better music last night. A free concert meant that all of Utah County’s “other” people came out of the woodwork to hang out, look pretty, and watch some bands. I was there too! Read the rest of this entry

Fictionist on the Roof

Fictionist played a show on a rooftop to the largest crowd I’ve ever seen outside Sugar Ray.

During the climax of their last song, they all floated away like balloons, drifting into the night sky until we could no longer see them. It was quite an exit.

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