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Read this post and respond to it.

As I sit in my sister’s house in Salt Lake, listening to my family discuss the tragedies of the tornados in the south (my dad has been complaining nonstop that all the coverage of the royal wedding and Obama’s birth certificate is trivializing the large death toll in Alabama and its surrounding areas), I think to myself “my site hasn’t had much traffic the past few days, and that’s a shame, though it does seem rather pointless to worry about that with everything else this week, and also this is a very long sentence (so long, in fact, that this one sentence constitutes a whole paragraph).” Read the rest of this entry

Indie legend John Vanderslice returns to Velour, Book On Tape Worm opens

April 2011 has been quite a month here at Provo Music Guide. As you may or may not know, I have two rules about who/what can be reviewed on this site: 1) Bands from Utah County, and 2) Shows in Utah County. A few weeks ago, I reviewed Sugar Ray’s awful show at Riverwoods and shortly thereafter Arcade Fire’s awesome show at UVU’s McKay Center. And last night,  Read the rest of this entry

Review: The Neighbors EP

The Neighbors have a weird place in the Provo music scene. They’re a brother/sister duo that plays indie pop, and when I say “pop”, I mean radio pop from 1999. Adam and Rachel Kaiser are two extremely talented multi-instrumentalists who can write songs and put on a good show. They’re a modern Donnie & Marie or an American Sandy & Junior. Read the rest of this entry

Parlor Hawk sendoff show w/ Gothen and The Old Grey Geese

“I love the community here in Provo… and this song is about that, and how we’ve moved on as people.”

Local band Parlor Hawk is soon going to tour Malaysia, stopping by Singapore and many cities I’ve never heard of. As a sendoff to Provo for the summer, they didn’t play a big show at Velour or block off the street in front of Sammy’s. Instead, the Great Salt Lake Guitar Company was gracious enough to clear out its large back room and host an intimate show to a few dozen people. Read the rest of this entry

Provo± Episode 0 is now online!

We have a brand new video that showcases the ever growing music scene here in Provo, and you may even see yourself in it! Read the rest of this entry

On Critique and Unity

If I liked every local band, I would not have this site. Hell, if I liked every local band, I would have bad taste in music. And yet lately I find that it’s a huge waste of time to actively hate a group because it doesn’t fit my criteria for “good music”. Yes, it can be incredibly grating to see everyone fawning over Read the rest of this entry

Review: The Lunatic – Milk

“We’re caught in orbit on the bluest planet I’ll ever see. I’d love to hold it, but the weather here is too much for me.”  Read the rest of this entry

Review: Emily Brown – This Goes With Us

In less than half an hour, Emily Brown takes you on a trip from a sweet, sugary optimism to a blatant exposure of your insecurities, and yet leaves you feeling all the better for it.

Arcade Fire with Local Natives at UVU

“They heard me singing and they told me to stop. ‘Quit these pretentious things and just punch the clock.'” Read the rest of this entry

A Review of Sugar Ray at Riverwoods

My ward (yes I am one of the many, many Mormons in Provo) had its Winter Semester Closing Social last night, and I was in charge of the talent show. By the time we finally got out of there, most of the local shows were underway and I wasn’t planning on spending any money. The only thing left was Sugar Ray at the Riverwoods. It was free and they used to be one of America’s biggest bands, so I hopped in a car with some friends to check it out. Read the rest of this entry