Thanks for all the support so far!

I honestly can’t understand what people are expecting from a free blog run by a busy college student who also works. I’m not even a writer. I haven’t gotten a good grade on a writing assignment since high school. I’ve even started every sentence so far with “I”, if that tells you anything. I started this blog with absolutely zero expectations, initially using it as a place to rant about things that pissed me off. It was Muse’s Battle of the Bands and I heard so much crap that week that I needed to tell people about it. I probably even dismissed some fairly good bands since we were all in competition with one another (but at least I discovered The Lunatic, who I’m listening to right now and are currently my favorite local band).

If it weren’t for Blogger’s wonderful Stats feature, I would have probably given this blog up already. The Facebook page only has a handful of fans, and less than half of those officially “follow this blog” on here. Each article generally gets 0-3 comments. But numbers tell me that people are actually reading this thing:

In March alone, it’s already been viewed 1500+ times. People are actually reading this amateur imitation of journalism. Or at least, clicking on the links that get posted to Facebook. (As of now, 30 different people posted a link to my last post from Facebook. A record!) I’m also a bit confused as to why I’ve been linked from, but um, thanks? What I’m saying is, even though I became an art major to avoid my mediocre writing, I’m glad people out there think this blog is somewhat worthwhile, even if I can be incredibly pretentious.
I have quite a lot planned for this blog in the future. We are going to start a weekly video podcast soon. And now that I have a job, I plan on saving money to turn this into a proper website where we’ll make a database of all the bands in Provo. This is a big scene, and it’s very scattered and unorganized. I’d just like to bring some unity (even if it’s people united against me).
But most importantly, I’m always looking for more contributors. I don’t have the talent to do this blog alone like How to Provo, so I encourage any and all lovers of the scene to write something. I will post it.
And if you have any comments/complaints/threats, just come look for me at shows and angrily scream them at me. I’ll be at the Compound tonight for this show w/ Tacocat, Glowing Heads, 90s Television, and Twins. It is going to blow your balls off.

About M. Lewis Barker

Guitarist/singer in Wild Apples, freelance artist.

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  1. I know it's going to blow my balls off and I don't even got none o' those

  2. Hey. I've been following yr blog. Keep it up. Maybe I could do a guest spot at some point.

  3. Freaking yes. I am so excited I found this blog, I am transferring up to Provo and I am very used to the quirky, eclectic underground music scene in little Flagstaff, AZ. I was hoping to find something similar in Provo (a long shot, I believed) but I'm so glad I was wrong. Keep up the good work, can't wait to come rock with you guys.

  4. Chris: I would be so down for that.

    Kylee: I think you'll find that Provo has a very large and active music scene, so don't worry.

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