Monthly Archives: January 2011

The Deathstar: Making Noise ‘Twixt Velour & Muse

You can still read the sign that says “LEGION” on the empty building between Velour and Muse. It is the ghost of a failed skate shop, sitting empty for years. The floors are stripped and dirty. The walls are covered in graffiti. And if you want to use the bathroom, I suggest you Read the rest of this entry

Toy Bombs, Shark Speed, Eyes Lips Eyes, and Seve Vs Evan @ Velour

“I’m afraid we’re going to die. I’m afraid we’re going to die. But that’s okay ’cause we’re so pretty.”

This blog generally focuses on the less known bands around town – the ones that people don’t talk about. Unfortunately for those losers (just kidding I am one of them), I’m going to talk about some popular bands because that’s the kind of show I went to tonight. Read the rest of this entry

Acoustic House Show: Spencer Russell, Courtney Marie Andrews, and Cody Taylor

I really love house shows, so when I found out that Cody Taylor was throwing one, I knew I had to be there. Courtney Marie Andrews, who has recently been playing and singing with Jimmy Eat World is finishing up a 2-week tour with her bassist and able to come to Provo for a free show. Along with Mudbison‘s Spencer Russell, we were sure to be in for a soft, folky night. Read the rest of this entry

Q&A: A Letter from Anonymous

I received an e-mail from an anonymous girl yesterday, with many questions about for me. I will post the e-mail, but with any responses/comments by me added in italics. Pay attention to that, otherwise the following will be confusing. Please read both parts. The italics don’t mean “skip this”. Read the rest of this entry

Hello Twenty-Eleven!

I trust you all had a lovely break, enjoying your respective holiday with your families. Our local venues also took a break, unless you count Tyler Glenn and Chance Clifton’s NYE dance party. But, judging by all the event invitations I’ve received on Facebook recently, there are a number of shows coming up this week. Read the rest of this entry