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Egos and Sellouts

Steven Foster is our guest writer today. Check out what he has to say!

What the hell happened to playing music for the sake of playing music?

Seriously you all know what I am talking about!!!
Now to be honest, I am usually a fan of sticking it to people. I dream of a world where we can purchase guns, knives and medieval weapons at a drive through window and use them all by the time Read the rest of this entry

Velour’s Battle and This Weekend

So, thanks to the hours of work I put into my final projects last week, I was not able to make it to nights 4 and 5 of Velour’s Battle of the Bands. And due to a performance on BYU campus Saturday night, I missed most of the finals. But I’ll review what I know.

Holy Water Buffalo won the Battle. I missed most of their performance this time around, but I did have to opportunity to see them Read the rest of this entry

Velour Battle of the Bands Nights TWO & THREE

Night Two

Tighty Willis  –

Tighty Willis works best with Velour’s sound system. Read the rest of this entry

Velour Battle of the Bands Night ONE

Velour’s Battle of the Bands is this week. Unfortunately, I missed last night’s show. Luckily I received an e-mail from one Eliot Rosewater. Eliot, your review isn’t nearly pretentious enough for this blog, but it’s still a good one:
Read the rest of this entry

Rock & Roll is alive at the Compound

Hidden in downtown Provo, tucked away down a long driveway, a passerby might hear the sound of a small crowd. As they get closer, the smell of cigarettes and sweat grows stronger. A van sits outside a small house where people unload instruments into the living room. Everyone is chatting cheerfully, excited to see one another and enjoy music together. Read the rest of this entry