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Music is for dancing.

The importance of house shows

Now that last week’s Battle of the Bands and my first CD review are out of the way, I’d like to get into some actual blogging. This page is dedicated to really anything that has to do with Provo’s music scene or local scenes in general. So feel free to send me an e-mail if you have an article you’d like posted. Read the rest of this entry

Review: Bearcats – This Wildfire Magic EP

Writer’s note: This is the first record I’ve reviewed in 7 years so it may not be particularly thorough.

Bearcats are an indie rock band. They play catchy pop music with distorted guitars. Since they are already playing my style of music, one of two things will happen: I am going to be extra positive because they do a good job of it, or I’m going to extra negative because they’ve disgraced the genre. Read the rest of this entry

My faith is restored.

Last night were the Battle of the Bands finals. Muse Music was absolutely packed with people, more than I’d ever seen there before. Six bands competed for money and studio time.

Xan & Chase played first. I only caught their last two songs, but they actually put on a very energetic performance. Read the rest of this entry

FINALS TONIGHT! and an explanation

Come check out the BotB Finals tonight at 8pm! Xan & Baker, Foxheart, Archie Crisanto, the Crylics, White Elephant, and The Lunatic will all be competing for $$ and studio time! Your participation matters.

Also, I’ve been hearing that a few people are disliking what I’ve written on this blog. Read the rest of this entry

BotB Night 5

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Night 5 brought some surprises.

White Elephant played what seemed to be only covers. Despite the fact that they had a really good guitarist and everyone was more than competent Read the rest of this entry

BotB Night 4

Kite Theory writes some of the best music in Provo. I’m not too huge on the singer/songwriter thing, but Taylor Beckstead knows what he is doing with his voice and an acoustic guitar. Having Steve Mortensen on the keyboard and Michael Killian on the drums really helps the sound come alive. Read the rest of this entry

Muse’s Battle of the Bands, Night 3

Last night was the third night of Muse’s Battle of the Bands, and so far it was the night with the most consistently good bands. I actually enjoyed this show immensely completely from an audience perspective.

The first band was Mad Diving Barons, an acoustic folk trio with a very cool sound. Read the rest of this entry

Muse’s Battle of the Bands

I thought I’d get this blog kicking with content as early as possible. The introductory post is below this one, please read it.

This week Muse Music is hosting its semi-annual Battle of the Bands. Twenty bands are competing for money and studio time. Read the rest of this entry

Brand new stuff

For a few months now, I’ve wanted to make a blog about the local scene here in Utah County. While Salt Lake has a couple independent magazines for their scene, the quaint and conservative town of Provo (and all its surrounding cities) has a regrettable lack of written discussion. Well I think it’s time that we change that! As far as I know, this will be the first blog dedicated completely to the Utah Valley Music Scene. Read the rest of this entry